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Smile Design

Smile design is a cosmetic dental procedure that corrects teeth imperfections and restores your dental health and appearance. It involves a customized treatment and long-lasting results for a straighter, whiter, and natural-looking smile.

Our teeth wear down, chip, or discolor over time. However, smile design gives you a smile you’ll love for life.

It may consist of a combination of the following procedures depending on your needs and desires:

How long does smile design take?

Smile design could take three weeks to several months to complete. It depends on your goals and any dental problems we need to address first.

If your dream smile requires dental implants, this can increase your timeline to around six months to one year for optimal healing.


Laminated veneer what is it?

Laminated veneer; the fastest and most secure way to fix his front teeth with esthetic restoration. 3 kinds of laminated veneer features. These laminated ceramic, plastic, composite laminates and laminated it.Porcelain laminate veneers are made of ceramics that are linked chemically to the tooth substance. Composite composite laminate veneers by adding the outer surfaces of the teeth in the front group with the shape desired by the physician, the Foreign Corrupt old goruntukeri can be made.

Laminated veneer can be applied to whom?

Laminated veneer; stained teeth, damaged teeth, crooked teeth and cavities is applied. Migrated due to illness or stained teeth stained with the color of the outer coating of food and beverage consumption is associated with losing teeth to be treated. Wear out or damaged teeth due to poor usage, broken teeth with porcelain laminate veneers at the time of accident is to be treated. If you have gaps between your teeth, veneers can also be easily laminated may shut down. Crooked teeth with Veneers glued Laminated to the front side of the teeth aesthetic image can be obtained.

What is the duration of the treatment of laminated veneer?

Within days of the treatment that can result in laminated veneer treatments. Made from porcelain veneers laminated but if the lab for the duration of the treatment process will vary between 5-6 days.

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