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Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Effective and nice and white teeth are very important for a healthy smile. Structural disorders that occur but in some cases, a child in the womb or the antibiotics that are used, losers, those who smoked and the amount of fluoride in drinking water, the old dentures, veneers, fillings, and old age can lead to staining of the teeth. Teeth whitening process, and yellowed and discolored for a variety of reasons the opening of the enamel in a few tons of elimination of the coloring process. We colorings inside everything we eat and drink in the exterior surface is koyulastirmak over time. In this way, known as teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers instead of fixing the color darker or yellowing, permanent teeth whitening method can be applied. Depending on the condition of your teeth as a result of this process has opened up to 8-10 tons. The process of teeth whitening gel on the teeth and placed specially prepared with the help of a light source or laser accelerated the implementation. The teeth are usually two kinds coloration is observed. First, internal discoloration, is a second tooth. Internal staining of the tooth penetrates into spots that are not delivered with the brushing area. In a tooth the tooth surface, cigarettes, Coke, coffee sticks are such as to foods coloring coloring. In the process of bleaching the teeth whitening process so both the coloration is very successful.

Teeth whitening process is a process that must be carried out under the control of a physician. The whitening gel is applied to the outer surface of the tooth in coloration, which includes the reaction that is applied with a special light. In this way, it is quite beyazlamak teeth quickly and effectively. In this way, a process 3-4 tons of the exterior color in a single session opens.

Tooth whitening is a process that can be applied to anyone highly secure. When this process is performed under the control of reliable clinics and doctor, it won’t hurt. The whitening process, which is not recommended to persons who continue their growth and development, pregnant women and lactating mothers should also be done carefully.

Teeth during the whitening process, a slight sensitivity to the situation livable. Between 1 to 3 days but this sensitivity will be lost. This tooth whitening is a complete fulfillment of the required steps of the process. When it is done by professional teams, it won’t do any harm to this process.

The results of the teeth whitening process varies from person to person. Some teeth are white while the graying of the teeth that lasts a few days to a month or two. But the average person is between the teeth of beyazlamak 2 to 3 weeks. If there is more than sarilasma grilesmed your teeth, the whitening process will be much better. Whitened but becoming Gray from the use of antibiotics will be more difficult. It will take a little longer time to achieve the result in this case.

Within 2 weeks after the teeth whitening process and continue to bleach your teeth in this process, the colorant is required to discontinue the use of substances. Food and drinks then you may want to reduce this as much as possible. Hot and cold sensitivity after the treatment that are experienced during the treatment will be terminated.