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Implant Therapy

The implant is placed into the jawbone to support the implant and the artificial tooth roots that are made. Are made to replace missing teeth, long lasting and can be used on fixed or removable partial denture, artificial lifelong roots in the patient’s chewing function and aesthetics.

Implants are placed into the jawbone of missing teeth in order to restore function and aesthetics are an artificial tooth root that is. Implant thickness and width of the screw is a structure that is particular. For this reason, the implant is intended to be placed in the area of the jaw bone, the implant must have and an excellent fit.

Bone quality is one of the factors that affect the success of implant. As long as it remains in the mouth before the treatment and also implant should make sure they are healthy gums.

Are important in implant applications, and the success of one of the most important factors that affect the bone structure. The person must have a suitable tissue for the implant to bone. Should be ensured after the detection of bone tissue and implant planning should be done. Prior to the dental implant procedure necessarily a clinical and radiological examination should be performed.

If a person’s bone structure for the implant and overall health status, if appropriate upper age limit. Health is a more important factor than age. . The application of the implant are not only preferred in very young patients who have not completed more bone growth.

The duration may vary depending on the number of teeth of the implant to be done. Today, with the developing technology in a very short time treatments is completed. The placement of the implant after the pain, the pain after tooth extraction is not different from normal.

Patients also completed without any problem even in the presence of implants in cases of treatment won’t feel so comfortable. Depending on the preference of the patient during the dental implant procedure, either general or local anesthesia can be used.

As long as it remains in the mouth implant treatment implant before and gums should be healthy. The implants bond with the bone osteointegration) to provide for the recovery period which is the first 3-6 months on top of the implant to minimize the loads should be provided.

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