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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


Sleeve gastrectomy, also known as the tube stomach surgery, reducing the volume of the stomach (approximately 60-100 CCS), with very little food to feel satiety and thus the patient is expected. For this purpose, a certain section of the stomach is removed and the tube back in the form of a surgical operation (roughly about the size of a banana) is left in a will. The hormone-secreting part of the stomach hunger is extracted. This operation is only limited to the amount of food being received; the absorption of foods from outside of the patient in the same manner to continue to take vitamin or mineral supplements are not required.

Gastric Sleeve Operation

Some patients try many different solutions to their issue of obesity and don’t get the response they want. Sometimes patients lose weight only to gain it back after a while. With this type of cases, we often recommend gastric surgery.

Many people who could not get the results they want and need are able to do this with surgery. In this article, we will focus on one of the four main types of obesity surgery. That type of gastric obesity surgery is gastric sleeve operation.

In a nutshell, during this surgery, the doctor removes a part of your stomach. Then the doctor stitches together the remaining parts together. Doctors remove around 90% of the stomach in this operation. The remaining 10% of the stomach is often called a sleeve.

This operation will require some long term commitments that you should follow. In order to stay healthy, you should adhere to these sets of limitations. We will talk about these more deeply in the following parts of this text. Now let’s look into how it is different from the gastric bypass procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Results

After getting gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you will need to make some lifestyle changes to help the recovery process. Making these tips into lifestyle habits will significantly help you maintain the desired results.

  1. Regular Exercise: A person needs 150 to 300 minutes of mild to moderate physical exertion to maintain a well hormonal balance. Examples to mild-moderate physical activities include options like swimming, walking fast, even gardening or doing household chores count towards it really.
  2. Keeping A Healthy Diet: Food denser in nutrients but lower in calories are your friend in losing and maintaining weight after gastric sleeve surgery. Your gastric sleeve results rely heavily on your diet. At this point, try to consume foods rich in nutrients but low in calories include many kinds of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Saturated fat, alcohol and sugary snacks badly affect your progress. You still get to enjoy them every now and then. But not as much as you are used to before.
  3. Regularly Check How Much You Eat: When you track your progress consistently, the results will motivate you even more in your weight loss journey. It is always rewarding to see your gastric sleeve results.

It is no surprise that these tips resemble weight loss tips. Getting enough physical activity each day, eating healthy foods are usually given out as weight loss advice.